The new proposed timetable for 2015 will run as follows:


3.30-4.00PM – Mini Dance Stars  4-6yrs (Pre-Junior Jazz/Tap)

4.00-4.30PM – Pre-Primary Ballet 4-6yrs

4.30-5.30PM – Grade 4 Ballet 8-12yrs


11.00-12.00PM – Tiny Stars 3-4 yrs (Petite Performers)

3.30-4.30PM – Intermediate Dance Stars 7-9 yrs  (Jazz)

4.30-5.30PM – SNR Dance Stars 10yrs + (Contemporary, Jazz)

5.30-6.30PM – SNR Glee Stars 10yrs + (Senior Musical theatre and Senior Jazz)


9.30-10.00AM – Mini and Junior Glee Stars 5-9 yrs (Young Performers)

10.00-10.30AM – JNR Dance Stars 6-9 yrs (Junior Jazz & Tap)

10.30-11.00AM – Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs

11.00-12.00PM – Intermediate Glee Stars (Intermediate Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, Tap)

Don’t miss out on  Saturday 10th January 2015, from 10am-11am, the Open Day.

If you could all please email me ( to confirm which classes you will be attending in the New Year and reserve your space to help finalise the proposed timetable.